New fieldbus modules for the motrona Motion Controller MC800

The proven functions and interfaces of the universal Motion Controller MC800 have been extended by additional communication interfaces.

With the CANopen interface module, the Modbus RTU connection and the Profibus DPV1 interface, the spectrum of connection possibilities to various field bus systems of plant components and control terminals is enlarged. The simple plug-in installation allows easy retrofitting or replacement of the bus components.

The CI800 is a standard CANopen slave according to CiA DS301 V 4.02. The CAN-Bus connection is galvanically isolated and supports all standard baud rates as well as the automatic baud rate detection. The interface module permits easy parameter access via SDO communication and process data transmission with 4 Receive PDOs and 4 Transmit PDOs.

The MB800 is a standard Modbus RTU Slave and provides Modbus functions such as Read Coils, Write Single Coil, Write Multiple Coils, Read Discrete Inputs, Read Holding Registers, Write Multiple Registers and Read Input Registers.

The PB800, a standard Profibus DPV1 slave according to IEC 61158, is a galvanically isolated standard RS485 Profibus interface and supports all standard baud rates (9600 bps ... 12 Mbit / s) with automatic baud rate detection. The interface module allows the cyclic data exchange of 4 MC800 input and 4 MC800 output registers. An acyclic access to all MC800 registers is realized by means of additional DPV1 functions.

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