Operator Software

  1. Please enable access to the software via your customer login
  2. Use the right mouse key to save the desired firmware to your PC
  3. Unzip the zip.file
  4. Start the unzipped software file for installation

OS 10.0 Operator Software

Applicable for all motrona units as well as Safety devices of the DS series, except MC700 Motion Controllers. Compatible to all Win 8.1 and higher platforms.

Please note: OS 10.0 replaces the previously used PC software OS 6.0.

Installation Manual OS 10.0

OS 10.0 version (81 MB)

(available with login)

OS 6.0 Operator Software is no longer supported - successor is OS 10.0.

OS 5.1 Operator Software

Applicable for motrona MC700 and MC800 Motion Controllers.

Os51.zip (4 MB)

(available with login)



Applicable for the AX350 devices of the motrona touchMATRIX® series.

IODD1.1 for device software of the version "AX35006A" to "AX35006E"
IODD1.2 for device software version "AX35006F" and newer

IODD1.1.zip (108 KB)

IODD1.2.zip (109 KB)

(available with login)

USB Driver

USB Driver Software

Applicable for the motrona unit FM260.

USB Driver for FM260 (2 MB)

(available with login)

USB Driver Information

Applicable for all motrona units with USB ports (excluding FM260).

USB Driver excl. FM260 (1 KB)

(available with login)



PROFIBUS© GSD File for motrona units PB306 / PB340 / PB541.

Mksr0553.zip (1 KB)

(available with login)


PROFIBUS© GSD File for motrona PB251 units.

Mksr0635.zip (2 KB)

(available with login)


PROFIBUS© GSD File for motrona MC800 units.

HMSB1811.zip (2 KB)

(available with login)



PROFINET GSD File for motrona MC800.

GSDML.zip (28 KB)

(available with login)


CAN-Bus (MC800)

EDS Files for CANopen© units MC800.

Ci800.zip (9 KB)

(available with login)


EDS Files for CANopen© units MC700 / CA307 / CA340 / CA541.

Ci700.zip (8 KB)

Ca307.zip (854 B)

Ca340.zip (1 KB)

Ca541.zip (1 KB)

(available with login)

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