f/U resp. f/I Signal Converter Analog >>> SSI / Frequency / Serial / IO-Link

The small, cost-efficient, but extremely powerful f/I or f/U converters are designed for cabinet installation. They are used to convert analog standard signals (V or mA) into an incremental (HTL, RS422 / TTL), absolute (SSI) or serial (RS232 / RS485) output format. The converters shown below can be mounted on a DIN rail in the control cabinet by means of snap-on mounting.

Further possibilities for the conversion of analog signals are also available with our process displays of the series AX.


IO-Link coupler with four analog inputs (two voltage inputs and two current inputs) and IO-Link interface.

  • 4 analog inputs for ±10 V or 0/4 ... 20 mA (2x current / 2x voltage)
  • optionally 3 control inputs for PNP signals [10 ... 30 VDC]
  • IO link interface

Extremely fast universal converter that converts analog input signals into a frequency or position. The output is as an incremental signal, an SSI absolute value as well as in a serial RS232 / RS485 format


  • Scalable 14 bit analog input  for ±10 V or 0/4 ... 20 mA
  • 4 control inputs for PNP signals [10 ... 30 VDC]
  • Pulse output with format  A, B, 90° [HTL] or A, /A, B, /B, Z, /Z [RS422]
  • SSI output with format  DATA+, DATA-, CLOCK+, CLOCK- up to 25 bit
f/U Converter Analog-Frequency resp. Analog-SSI