Amplifiers strain gauge >>> Analog

Strain gauge measuring amplifiers are used to externally transfer measured values in the lower voltage range to an analog signal. These strain gauge signals are recorded by force sensors and load cells and are used in applications where bending, tensile and compressive forces have to be measured. This requires enormous accuracy, because the lower voltage ranges are very sensitive. In addition to precise signal transmission our measuring amplifiers also offer fast conversion times. For more flexibility you will find measuring amplifiers with one strain gauge input (DM221) and measuring amplifiers with two strain gauge inputs (DM222) in our portfolio. The DM222 offers the possibility of mathematically linking measured values from different sensors and passing the result to the subsequent device. The analog outputs of our strain gauge measuring amplifiers can operate either as a current output (0/4 ... 20 mA) or as a voltage output (± 10 V).


Strain gauge measuring amplifier DM222 for connecting two strain gauge sensors and converting them into analog output signals.


  • 2 strain gauge inputs, 6-wire connection
  • 2 analog outputs ±10 V or 0/4 ... 20 mA, 16 Bit
  • 3 VDC and 10 VDC bridge voltage per sensor connection
  • 1… 10 mV sensitivity
2 channel Strain Gauge Amplifier >>> Analog

The DM221 strain gauge measuring amplifier is used to connect one strain gauge sensor and convert it into analog output signals.


  • 1 strain gauge input, 6-wire connection
  • 1 analog output ±10 V or 0/4 ... 20 mA, 16 Bit
  • 3 VDC and 10 VDC bridge voltage per sensor connection
  • 1… 10 mV sensitivity
Strain Gauge Amplifier >>> Analog


Measuring amplifiers are used in various applications. These include:

  • hydraulic presses
  • rolling machines
  • bending machines
  • strength testing machines

Our strain gauge measuring amplifiers transfer signals from strain gauge full bridge sensors into analog standard signals (0 ... 10 V or 0/4 ... 20 mA). These analog signals can then be used by subsequent devices. To display the data, our analog display AX350 can be connected to the strain gauge measuring amplifier. The display has two 16-bit analog inputs and can therefore be connected to the two outputs of the DM222 measuring amplifier and display its values separately.