Firmware for MC800 Motion Controller

  1. Make sure you have installed the motrona OS 5.1 software on your PC
    Please note: As of version OS5.1_02c the download tool für MC800 firmware is already integrated. For devices with older versions, you will need to reinstall the operating sofware OS 5.1 Version 02c or higher so that you can use all functions.
  2. Use the right mouse key to save the desired firmware to your PC in the OS 5.1 operating software directory
  3. Download the firmware from PC to MC800 by following the instructions given in the manual
  4. Set your specific parameters and run the Adjust Menu
  5. You will be able to run all adjusting and testing functions without a license key
  6. Get your license key from motrona and enter it to the unit to run production mode

Flying Material Processing for MC800

By using this application firmware, the MC800 controller is equipped for motion control tasks with typical “on-the-fly-processing” machines (e. g. sawing, cutting, punching, drilling, etc.).

The FS801 has an additional axis. This allows for example the controlling of the saw carriage and additionally the saw blade at the same time.

Compared to the FS701 firmware, a significantly higher dynamic is achieved by using the combination FS801 firmware with MC800. In addition, processing to various sensor systems and fieldbus architectures is possible.

License code on demand. (977 KB)

Fs801_d.pdf (205 KB)

Fs801_e.pdf (2 MB)

(available with login)

Rotating Cross Cutters for MC800

Rotary cutters and other rotary applications require high dynamic, precise cuts and short position loop time. These requirements will be complied by using the CT803 firmware and the MC800 motion controller.

Typical applications are intermittent or rotary operations like cutting, perforating, printing, sealing, adhesion, labeling and many more.

Compared to the CT703 firmware, the CT803 firmware with MC800 hardware has an additional axis for a feed roller with optional dancer control. Furthermore a significantly higher dynamics is achieved. In addition, an adaptation to a variety of sensor systems and fieldbus architectures is possible.

Special highlight of this firmware is the integrated tandem drive controller which enables achieving the acceleration requirement of a slave axis by distributing the power on two independent drives.

License code on demand. (977 KB)

Ct803_e.pdf (2 MB)

(available with login)

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