Signal Converters SSI Absolute Encoder / Parallel >>> Analog / Serial / Parallel and Fiber Optic Transmission Modules for SSI Signals

The signal converters shown here serve special requirements such as, for example, the conversion of absolute SSI encoder signals into an analog standard signal as well as into a serial or parallel format. Here you will also find the appropriate product for the conversion of parallel BCD, binary or Gray codes into serial formats. This section is supplemented by light-wave transmission modules, which enables the optical transmission of data from SSI encoders (even through explosive areas) reliably over distances of up to 2000 meters.

All the signal transformers and transmission modules shown below are provided for the switch cabinet installation on a DIN rail and have a corresponding snap-action mechanism, which allows quick and easy assembly without additional accessories.

Find more options for the conversion of SSI data  with our SSI indicators resp. optical fiber modules for incremental encoder and sensor signals (see LW215 / 216).

IV251: Signal Converter SSI - Absolute >>> Analog / Serial RS232/RS485

Suitable for sensors and absolute encoders with SSI interface 6 ... 25 bit, binary or Gray code. Selectable SSI master or slave mode and programmable concentricity functions, bit blanking and many more.


  • SSI input with format DATA+, DATA-, CLOCK+, CLOCK- up to 25 bit
  • Clock frequency 100 Hz ... 1 MHz
  • Scalable 14 bit analog output for ±10 V or 0/4 ... 20 mA

IP251: Signal Converter SSI, Absolute / RS232 >>> Parallel

Extremely powerful signal converter for converting SSI absolute values ??and serial data into a parallel binary, gracode or BCD format.


  • SSI input with format  DATA+, DATA-, CLOCK+, CLOCK- up to 25 Bit
  • Clock frequency up to 1 MHz
  • Control input (hold) for PNP signals [10 ... 30 VDC]
  • 25 bit parallel output with push-pull characteristic with format  BCD, binary or Gray-Code

PR210: Signal Converter Parallel >>> Serial RS232 / RS485

The signal converter PR210 converts the data of a parallel interface (BCD, binary or graycode) into a serial RS232 or RS485 format.

  • 20 bit parallel input  with format  BCD, binary or Gray-Code
  • Input frequency: fast encoder 5 kHz, auto-transmit / data logging 0.5 kHz
  • 4 status outputs, with push-pull characteristic, short-circuit-proof [5 ... 30 VDC]

    LW217: Optical Fiber Send-Module for SSI Absolut Encoder

    Fiber optic (send-) module for SSI rotary pulse encoders and absolute measuring systems. Used to convert to optical signals and reliable transmission up to 2000 meters, also by explosive areas. Resistant to extremely strong electromagnetic fields.


    • 1 SSI input / output channel [RS422] with format DATA+, DATA-, CLOCK+, CLOCK-
    • 1 Error input (LW217) resp. 1 open-drain-output (LW218)
    • Maximum input frequency 1 MHz
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    LW218: Optical Fibre (Receive-) Module for SSI-Signals

    Optical fiber receiving module for the signal data transmitted by the transmitting module LW217. Converts the optical signals back to the SSI format. Performance as LW217.

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