Indicator for readings from strain gauges and force sensors

Strain gauge indicators are used to record, process and visualize the measured values ​​from strain gauges and force sensors. As usual, our devices offer various display options thanks to our innovative, three-color touchMATRIX® display.
For temperature measurements, it is also possible to connect and evaluate pt100 sensors and type J and K thermocouples.


Strain gauge indicator with a 6-wire connection for strain gauge full bridge sensors. With the help of all types of tension, pressure and force sensors, a precise and fast measurement is guaranteed for a large number of applications. These include hydraulic presses, rolling machines, bending machines and strength testing machines.


  • Strain gauge input, 6-wire connection
  • Input for pt100 and thermocouples (J and K)
  • 3 control inputs for HTL / PNP signals
  • Adjustable bridge voltage from 3 VDC to 10 VDC
touchMATRIX® Strain Gauge Indicator for force sensors (full bridge)