Controller for Rotating Cross Cutters (Paper, Corrugated Board etc.), for Rotating Punchers and other Rotary Operations

With firmware CT803, the new universal Motion-Controller MC800 with an integrated tandem drive-controller, flexible input configuration for sensors and adaptive interface structure is suitable for rotating processes.

Motion-Controller for Rotary Cutters with Tandem Function

Rotary cutters and other rotary applications require high dynamics, precise cuts and short position control cycles. These requirements will be complied by using the CT703 firmware and the MC700 motion controller.
Typical applications are intermittent or rotary operations like cutting, perforating,
printing, sealing, adhesion, applying, labeling and many more.

Motion-Controller for Rotating Cross Cutters

Easy control for rotating pressure, punching and sealing rollers. Short position control and precise cuts, even during speed changes.


  • 2 pulse inputs with format A, B, 90° [HTL] or A, /A, B, /B [RS422]
  • 4 control inputs for HTL / PNP / NPN / Namur signals [10 ... 30 VDC]
  • Input frequency up to 300 kHz
  • 4 fast transistor outputs, push-pull, short-circuit-proof [5 … 30 VDC]
  • 1 scalable 14 bit analog output (±10 V or 0/4 … 20 mA)
Controller for Rotating Cross Cutters CT340

Performance as CT340, but additionally with 4 relays outputs and cutting length adjustable by thumbwheel switch on front.

Controller for Rotating Cross Cutters CT641