Possible Combinations with Signal Converters

This site shows a few examples with possible combinations between converters and indicator units. Such combinations of two units may be very useful for solving applications, when no other suitable converters are available on the market.

The examples below should be considered as suggestions. Where you see “PROFIBUS”, a similar combination would e.g.  also work with  PC or PLC or other controls by serial link.

All examples are based on the fact that all motrona units with serial interface are able to communicate one to each other. However please keep in mind that serial data exchange will always need a few milliseconds of time, which will reduce the applicability of combinations in case of critical real-time requirements.

Example 1: Display and/or Conversion of Parallel Data

Example 2: Processing of Parallel Data via PROFIBUS

Example 3: Processing of Incremental Encoder Signals by PROFIBUS

Example 4: Generation of Frequencies or Analog Signals from PROFIBUS