Digital Indicators

Our display and evaluation systems ensure a precise monitoring of analog, pulse and absolute value information. The significant parameters for rotating and linear processes are precisely monitored, evaluated and displayed.

The electronic and pulse counters, process and position indicators distinguish themselves by offering a high dynamic range, short response times and an input frequency up to 1 MHz. Our display devices are able to perform complex data manipulation such as summing, difference, filtering, linearization and totalization and comparison between input variables. Additionally, the digital displays provide up to four preset values for relay and transistor outputs. The set-up procedures are straightforward, using an intuitive menu system for entry and adjustment of parameters. Display devices equipped with a serial interface also allow operation and configuration using our OS user software.

Process Indicator for Norm Signals

Process Indicators

Strain Gauge Indicator

Strain Gauge Indicators

Pulse- / Piece Counter

Electronic Counters

Absolute Value Indicator

Position Indicators

Indicators for PROFINET - EtherCAT - EtherNET/IP

Fieldbus Indicators

process indicator with IO-Link device

IO-Link Indicators

The applications for our digital displays are numerous. Depending on the type of display, the following tasks can reliably be performed:

  • Piece / length detection
  • Speed ​​/ Tachometer
  • Processing time / Timer
  • Position / length / angle measurement
  • Determination of flow or mixing ratio
  • Determination of filling level and pressure

An absolute unique selling point is the simultaneous acquisition and display of values from different measurement methods. We created the MX350, with which it is possible to measure a speed / frequency and a position / number at the same time. With this feature, the MX350 is unique on the market.

In addition to the classic measurement and display tasks, our process displays can also be used with an anemometer. The term anemometer is made up of the Greek words anemos = wind and métron = measure.
With the RL option, the touchMATRIX® series is equipped with two relay outputs and can work as a wind warning device. The anemometers are used in the following areas:

  • cranes
  • windmills
  • funiculars
  • traffic meteorology
  • building technology
  • overburden and open-cast excavators
  • amusement parks
  • floodgates

By operating two AX350/AO/RL in parallel, a safe monitoring of the wind speed can be guaranteed. In addition to wind monitoring, the core competencies of measuring and displaying of our wind detectors are reliably retained.

The special feature of our display devices is the versatile touch screen. Thus the following representations are possible:


All options can also be displayed in red, green and yellow.

The 4 decade large display ensures a better readability. even if the operator is far away. Our dual display with parameters allows, in combination with the MX350, the simultaneous measurement and display of two values from different measuring methods. For example, it is possible to measure and display a frequency and a position.