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Indicator and measuring amplifier for strain gauges

New strain gauge indicator and strain gauge amplifier for the field of force measurement.

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IO-Link Gateways

New IO-Link gateways with sensor signals for analog, strain gauge, incremental or SSI.

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Fieldbus Indicators for Profinet - EtherCAT - EtherNet/IP

New innovative touchMATRIX® indicators with fieldbus interfaces for Profinet, EtherCAT or EtherNet/IP.

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motrona site expansion - key handover for new administration and production building

The electronics production moved into the new administration and production building last week. The official key handover took place during the motrona summer party. Interested parties had the opportunity to visit the new building.

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Summer - Sunshine - Party Time

With more than 220 invited guests, the 40th company anniversary "uncelebrated" by Corona was duly made up for on Friday evening and in this context the move into the new company building was toasted!

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Congratulations Marco on your 40th company anniversary!

On April, 16th 2023 we celebrated a big moment for the company and especially for Marco Bohner, CTO.
It was his 40th anniversary in the company.

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Force - load - monitoring

Force measurements are required and carried out in many areas of industry. Examples include hydraulic presses, rolling machines, bending machines, strength testing machines and level measurement. In order to open up this important field of activity,…

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Ready for Industry 4.0 - always well connected!

With our fieldbus indicators and IO-Link devices, analog and discrete signals can be converted and transmitted quickly and easily into the digital world of Industry 4.0. Find out more about the PN350 Profinet indicator, the AX350/IO IO-Link indicator…

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Profinet Indicator PN350 - Gateway connection for the touchMATRIX® indicator

With the touchMATRIX® PROFINET indicator PN350, we are able to integrate our popular touchMATRIX® series into the world of Industry 4.0.

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"The cold water won't get warmer if you jump in later"

...a piece of wisdom that every Lake Constance child learns from an early age when it comes to cooling off in the Rhine. In fact, we were grateful for the refreshment on this hot summer day.

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