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Signal distributor of the GV/GT series – NEW with a modular design, optionally with or without potential isolation

With our innovative plug-in system, the various modules of the GV/GT series can be easily expanded and cascaded. The devices process a very high input frequency of up to 1 MHz. In addition, all outputs are isolated from each other and the respective…

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Monitoring of force measurement applications using strain gauge sensors

With the function of direct evaluation, calculation and display of measured values ​​from load cells or pressure sensors, the DMS indicator DM350 covers a further area of ​​application for the touchMATRIX® indicators.

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Measuring amplifier for connecting two strain gauge full bridges

The special feature of the motrona DM222 signal converter is the dual inputs and outputs. This allows two separate values ​​to be measured and compared with each other. In addition, these also enable the detection of two measured values ​​and the…

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touchMATRIX® IO-Link indicator - Ready for Industry 4.0

The IO-Link display has two analog inputs and an IO-Link interface. This means that analog values ​​can be shown directly on the device display and forwarded to a higher-level controller for further processing.

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New corporate video

Our new corporate video is online! Watch it here.

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Saying goodbye also means looking forward to new encounters.

Thank you Dietmar Holzinger, Regatronic for the good cooperation over the past decades and a warm welcome to Leotec as a new motrona sales partner.

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motorless to work 2021

348 non-motorized kilometers to work for charity!

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The new frequency multiplier FM210 is the solution for precise synchronization of drives

Our new frequency multiplier FM210 shows an excellent performance in the field of fast and stable frequency multiplication. Particularly remarkable is the precise and vibration-free frequency translation, which is comparable to the functionality of a…

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Combi indicators with simultaneous data logging

With the innovative simultaneous recording of measured values, the motrona combi indicators enable the simultaneous measurement and display of speed and position with just one device.

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"INNOVATIV THROUGH RESEARCH" motrona receives award

The Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft honors motrona GmbH for its research activities with the seal of approval "Innovative through research".

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