Expand your possibilities with our new IO-Link gateways

IO-Link Gateway IO22x

The innovative IO-Link gateways of the IO220 series enable the seamless integration of various sensor signals into the IO-Link world.

Our IO-Link gateways offer you the following variants:

  • IO220 for analog 
  • IO221 for DMS (strain gauge) 
  • IO222 for incremental 
  • IO223 for SSI (synchronous serial interface) 

The input options are available individually, and you even have the option of equipping a device with all four inputs. Thanks to the screw terminal connections, no pre-assembled cables are required, which makes control cabinet installation extremely simple and flexible.

Why should you choose our IO-Link gateways?

Versatility: The different variants allow you to choose exactly the inputs that are required for your applications.

Flexibility: The option of equipping a device with all four inputs gives you maximum flexibility in configuration.

Easy installation: The screw terminal connections make installation much easier and eliminate the need for pre-assembled cables.

Discover the advantages of our IO-Link gateways and expand your sensor integration options. If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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