Combi Indicator with simultaneous data logging

These multi-function indicators enable the unique function of simultaneously recording of speed and position with just one device. For example, the MX350 can be used to measure and display the speed and optionally the number of pieces or the length at the same time. A wide variety of applications can thus be represented, such as

  • Continuous material (e.g. extruder)
  • Conveyor belts
  • Cutting and winding applications

In addition to this, the IX350 offers the simultaneous measurement and display of speeds and a position value. Ideal for applications such as:

  • Locks
  • Working platforms
  • Crane systems

The MX350 multifunction indicator uses HTL signals. It is capable of measure and display two sizes, such as speed and length (quantity) simultaneously.

  • Pulse input with format A, B, 90° [HTL], single channel as an option
  • HTL inputs for encoder and sensors with NPN / PNP or NAMUR switching characteristics
  • Input frequency up to 250 kHz
  • 3 control inputs for HTL / PNP signals
touchMATRIX® Combi Indicator

Version with incremental HTL / RS422 encoder input (inverted) and an input frequency up to 1 MHz and a switchable encoder supply of 5/24 VDC. All other functions equal to MX350.

touchMATRIX® tachometer with dual evaluation (HTL)

Combi position indicator with simultaneous measurement process for absolute position and speed. Both values ​​can be shown in parallel on the display. The parameters are freely selectable.


  • SSI input with format DATA+, DATA-, CLOCK+, CLOCK-
  • SSI clock frequencies up to 1 MHz
  • Master or Slave operation
  • For single turn and multi turn encoders with 10 … 32 Bit
touchMATRIX® Combi Indicator Absolute Position / Speed

"High-end" version with wire break monitoring of the SSI data line (except SSI clock). Switchable encoder supply of 5 / 24 VDC. Can only be used as SSI master. All other features like IX350.

touchMATRIX® Combi Indicator Absolute Position / Speed