Force - load - monitoring

Force measurements are required and carried out in many areas of industry. Examples include hydraulic presses, rolling machines, bending machines, strength testing machines and level measurement. In order to open up this important field of activity, we have developed the measuring amplifiers DM221 / DM222 and the indicator DM350.

The DM350 is an indicator that can record, process and visualize values from strain gauges and force sensors. As usual, our innovative, three-color touchMATRIX® display offers various display options. It is also possible to connect and evaluate pt100 sensors and type J and K thermocouples. 

Our measuring amplifiers DM221 and DM222 are used to amplify strain gauge values in common analog signals (0 … 10 V or 0/4 … 20 mA). The DM221 offers one measurement channel and one analog output for this purpose, while the DM222 offers two measurement channels and two analog outputs. This means that values from two sensors can be recorded, converted and passed separately via two outputs. In addition, it is possible to mathematically link the values of the two inputs and to transfer these values.

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