New: Connection of the universal motion controller MC800 via fieldbus interfaces

In addition to the flexible input configuration, the adaptive interface architecture and the cascaded tandem drive controller, the MC800 now also offers intelligent networking to higher-level control (e.g. PLC) or operator terminal (HMI) via so-called fieldbus modules. These allow you to connect your MC800 to a variety of different Fieldbus or Industrial Ethernet components.


Nowadays Fieldbus systems are an integral part of any complex machine or plant. In most cases, the type of the installed PLC determines which fieldbus system is used, because each of the leading PLC manufacturers prefers a particular fieldbus technology.

The most common systems such as CANopen, Profibus DPV1 and Modbus RTU are already available for our motion controller via the motrona interface modules CI800, PB800 and MB800.

On request, real-time Ethernet modules such as Profinet, EtherCAT or Modbus TCP can be delivered at short notice.

Although Industrial Ethernet or Real-Time Ethernet are being used more and more often, the use of classic fieldbuses still predominates. The reason for this are the different requirements of the production processes: The classic fieldbuses are particularly suitable in systems in which only the cyclic I/O data transmission is important (for example in mechanical engineering). On the other hand, Industrial Ethernet is increasingly being used when performance and isochronous mode matters and not only control values but also system states are transmitted. RTE modules enable real-time communication between the command-, control-  and sensor-levels. Losses due to system- and transmission errors can thus be avoided. In addition, hereby a better diagnostics and error monitoring is guaranteed.

The motrona motion controllers offer the right system connection for every requirement. Detailed technical information is available at accessories or contact us - we will be happy to advise you!

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