touchMATRIX® Position Indicator with start/stop interface

The new touchMATRIX® DP350 is a position indicator with an integrated start-stop interface. For example the display is suitable for absolute and magnetostrictive transducers.

By sending an init pulse, the encoder sends back a start and a stop pulse. Through the time between the start and stop impulses and the specified signal velocity, the position of the encoder can be determined. This technique, also known as transsonar distance measurement, adds a very common interface to our touchMATRIX® series.

The mode of operation of this transsonar distance measurement is similar to that of a classical sonar.
Inter alia, the DP350 display works with absolute and magnetostrictive transducers and serves to determine position, length and angle. Applications can be found, for example, in level measurements, lifting platforms and injection molding machines.

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