motrona offers safety - even in stormy times

With 40 years of experience in safe automation, motrona offers professional support in the monitoring of wind speed.

The combination of anemometer / wind sensor with our touchMATRIX® displays and DS safety relays enables countless industry applications such as:  

  • Crane construction (gantry crane, bridge crane, tower crane)
  • Wind turbines
  • Cableways
  • Building technology
  • Traffic meteorology
  • Amusement parks

The spectrum ranges from the cost-effective version with just one wind monitor to the redundant version with two wind monitors. Depending on the requirements, the safe speed monitors and the wind warning devices can work with analog or digital anemometers.

For the highest safety requirements, monitoring up to a safety level of SIL3 / PLe is possible.

Our wind warning devices AX350 (analog input), DX350 (incremental input) and DS250 (incremental input, SIL3 / PLe) are available for various applications.

With the AX350 or the DX350 a simple monitoring of the wind speed is possible.
The AX350 works with analog measured values, the DX350 with incremental measured values.
By monitoring two analog anemometers, speeds can be monitored redundantly.
This allows to determine the wind at two positions in the application.
By operating two AX350 or DX350 in parallel, it is possible to further increase safety,
as the system continues to function even in the event of a device failure.
The DS250 is operated together with two incremental anemometers.
With its SIL3 / PLe certification, the device guarantees the highest level of safety for the user and the application.

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