Force measurement

Pressure cells or force sensors are used to monitor force measurement applications. These strain gauge sensors measure forces such as:

  • traction
  • compression
  • bend
  • torsion

The sensors transmit their measured values ​​to the force indicators in millivolt range. However, the force measuring sensors are also available with an integrated converter for common analog signals 0 ... 10 V or 0/4 ... 20 mA. This means that strain gauge values ​​can also be visualized with our AX350 analog indicator.

For the direct display of the values ​​measured by the load cells or pressure sensors, strain gauge indicators which can directly evaluate and display the strain gauge signals, are suitable.

Strain gauge measuring amplifiers are used to transfer the measured values ​​externally into an analog signal. These signal converters transfer the signals, which can then be processed by an analog indicator. Here you can find the measuring amplifier DM222 with 2 inputs and 2 outputs.

The application areas of traction, compression, bending and torsion are diverse and widespread.

  • hydraulic presses
  • rolling machines
  • bending machines
  • strength testing machines