PU202: Level Converter HTL >>> TTL / RS422

PU202 is a level converter that converts incremental HTL pulses (10 ... 30 VDC) into a differential TTL and RS422 format (including inverted signals). At the same time, the device is able to convert various rotation information into the standard A, B, with 2 x 90° phase shift, as required by most end devices.

Thus, for example, some encoder systems or PLC positioning cards provide single-track pulse information and a statically applied rotation information. Other systems use two separate lines to provide forward and reverse pulses. The PU202 level converter is capable of converting such position-direction information into a corresponding phase-offset A / B information. The device has no potential separation.

The signal converter is supplied in an open print design in the plastic frame with a snap-on device for DIN rail mounting.

  • Pulse input with format A, B, Z [HTL] (10 ... 30 V)
  • Input frequency max. 200 kHz
  • Pulse output with format A, /A, B, /B, Z, /Z [RS422 / TTL]
  • Power supply 5 VDC
  • Converts HTL levels (A / B / Z) in TTL / RS422,
    incl. the inverted signals
  • Converts also static / sparate directional information into
    a dual channel A / B signal with 90° phase shift
  • Open print version with plastic snap-on housing for top hat rail
    (according to EN 60715)


Declaration of Conformity

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Manual PU202

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Data Sheet PU202

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