TB701-Firmware: Tubular Bag Packing Machine

in combination with Motion Controller MC700

The firmware TB701 is suitable for the control and synchronization of the main drives of a tube bag machine consisting of feed (tape or chain), film feed and sealing roller. The firmware contains a virtual master axis whose speed can be set externally and can be changed by external commands. All drives are synchronized to this virtual master axis, considering the current operating parameters.

  • MC700 is a universal motion controller for 1 to 4 axis, programmable for multiple motion applications by simple download of the corresponding function firmware
  • With use of our TB701 firmware (see Support) this unit provides simple but perfect solutions with most types of tubular bag type packing machines
  • The controller provides full speed and position control of all drives involved
    (feed-in chain, foil drive with or without print mark evaluation, sealing roll drive)
  • This system is able to achieve very high sealing rates, due to excellent dynamic performance of the controller (adequate servo drives assumed)
  • The tubular bag controller is able to detect missing products, missing or wrong print marks and even wrong position of shifted products. In every of these cases the drives will respond correspondingly
  • Extremely soft and still highly dynamic motion profiles provide best accuracy and protection of mechanics, even with high speeds and sealing rates
  • MC700 hardware is a black-box unit for cabinet mounting
  • Remote control and communication facilities via external operator terminal, serial PC communication, CANBUS,  PROFIBUS etc. (see also Accessories)


Manual TB701

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Manual MC700

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Data Sheet MC700

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EDS Files for CANopen© units MC700 / CA307 / CA340 / CA541.

Ci700.zip (8 KB)

Ca307.zip (854 B)

Ca340.zip (1 KB)

Ca541.zip (1 KB)

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Tubular Bag Packing Machine for MC700

Due to highly dynamic motion profiles, the combination of firmware TB701 and MC700 controller works very precisely and is optimized for tubular bag packaging machines (e. g. "pillow packaging").

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