ID330: Dual SSI Indicator 8 digits

The dual channel universal display ID330 includes a variety of functions that can not be provided by conventional electronic meters or SSI displays. Frequently, not only the position or angular position of a single encoder or measuring system, but the difference or sum of two sensors or measuring systems must be evaluated and further processed. In this context, it is also the case that the measured values ??of an absolute encoder have to be linked with those of an incremental encoder.

The display unit ID330 with its 8 digit LED display is the ideal solution for this. The device also has a serial RS232 interface as well as 4 programmable limit values with which 4 short-circuit-proof and very fast reacting transistor switching outputs can be controlled.

  • 2 scalable inputs with format DATA+, DATA-, CLOCK+, CLOCK-
    [SSI, absolute] or A, /A, B, /B [RS422, incremental]
  • 4 control inputs for PNP / NPN / Namur signals
    [10 ... 30 VDC]
  • Input frequency up to 1 MHz
  • 4 fast transistor outputs with push-pull characteristic,
    short-circuit-proof [5 ... 30 VDC]
  • 4 programmable preset values
  • Power supply 24 VAC and 17 ... 40 VDC
  • Compact norm panel housing
  • LED display 8 digits with 10 mm height
  • Display range -19999999 ... 99999999
  • Serial RS232 interface
  • Dimension B x H x T = 96 x 48 x 140 mm (3.78 x 1.89 x 5.51 ")


Declaration of Conformity

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Manual ID340

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Data Sheet series IA / ID / IR 330-644

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