IT210: The successor to the IT251

The IT210 shines with new features, without neglecting the proven.

The IT210 is the successor of our pulse divider IT251. In addition to a new space-saving housing dimension, the IT210 has some other significant improvements. Depending on the input format, the pulse divider can now process a cutoff frequency up to 1 MHz. The ability to convert even differential HTL signals, though the IT210 is much more versatile. For HTL single-ended signals, two different level definitions can now be set for high and low. This makes the device even more resitent against interference. In addition, the IT210 has two control inputs for zeroing the internal pulse divider, or resetting the zero pulse divider. In addition, the SUB-D connector has been replaced by screw terminals to facilitate the cable assembly and installation of the device.

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