touchMATRIX indicators offer all variants from the all-rounder to the "high-end" device

The Frequency Counter, Tachometer, Counter, Speed and Position Indicator of the touchMATRIX series have been launched successfully!

Equipped with 2 universal HTL inputs for encoders resp. sensors with NPN / PNP or NAMUR characteristic, an input frequency up to 250 kHz, 3 control inputs, a linearization with 24 control points and numerous functions such as scaling, filtering and start-up suppression,the DX350 true all-rounder. Learn more DX350

For “higher” demands the touchMATRIX Indicator DX355 offers with 2 incremental HTL / RS422 / TTL inputs and a higher input frequency up to 1 MHz an „high-end“ model. Learn more DX355

The standard 186 x 64 pixel graphic display allows the variable presentation of plain text, symbols and units. Color variants in red, green and yellow are realized by the LED backlight. With a simple parameterization by means of plain text and touch screen, the colors can be used depending on the event (e.g. when threshold values are exceeded). Modular configuration with analog output, switch outputs, relays, serial interface (Modbus) and 115 / 230 VAC provide maximum flexibility in connection and application.

Ready to launch!

SSI Position Indicator and Analog Process Indicator with IO-Link

May 2017: Launch of the SSI indicator for absolute encoders. The IX350 devices provide master and slave with clock frequencies up to 1 MHz. They can be used for single turn and multi turn encoders with SSI formats from 13 … 32 Bit and are variously applicable for scaling, filtering, bit blanking, etc. Learn more IX350

August 2017: Start of delivery of the AX350 process indicators with analog inputs. With two 16 Bit analog inputs for ±10 V / 0 … 10 V / 0 … 20 mA / 4 … 20 mA and a high accuracy 10 V reference output for potentiometers, this device provides a number of functions such as tara, averaging filter, sampling time for each input as well as totalization of sums and differences. Learn more AX350

As complementary option for the touchMATRIX process indicators is the IO-Linkinterface is available in October.

… Stay curious about further innovative motrona products.

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