The new digital - analog signal converters IV210 / FU210 / ZU210

Three new digital - analog signal converters are now added to our product range. With these new models speed / frequency / SSI and position information can be convert into high-precision analog values much faster and with greater functionality.

The FU210 and ZU210 are able to read in input signals up to 1 MHz and release them almost free of delay and transform them in scalable analog measured variables (current / voltage). Both signal converters can work with the input formats TTL / RS422, HTL differential, HTL PNP and HTL NPN. While the ZU210 evaluates the input signals as counters or position, the FU210 accepts them as frequency or velocity information.

The converted signals are available with a resolution of 16 bits, or as digital information via Modbus RTU for the further processing.

The IV210 with its SSI interface, which can be resolved up to 32 bits, switches absolute position values ​​in the fractions of a millisecond in a high-precision current or voltage values.

In contrast to the previous models, all devices offer an extended encoder supply with 5 VDC and 24 VDC. As a result, all commercially available encoders can be operated. In addition, six control inputs and outputs ensure flexible application, all in a very compact housing.

With one click you get more technical details about the devices IV210, FU210and ZU210.

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