The advanced development of the Safety Speed Monitor opens up further areas of application with new, unique features and functions.

Switchable multifunctional Inputs (HTL / RS422), extensive Parameterization Options (free PC user software), 8 Control inputs, 8 Control Outputs (550 mA), double Relay Output (5 – 250 VAC / VDC), as well as the integrated Z-track in the Signal Distributor make the DS250/260 Speed Monitor the "Ferrari" among the Safety Controllers.

Multifunctional Inputs

The encoder and sensor connections of the new DS250/260 devices are suitable for connection to almost all common incremental encoder types (HTL differential, HTL single ended, RS422). The voltage supply for encoders and sensors is designed with 5 V or 24 V. In addition, the devices include voltage monitoring of the (also external) sensor supply.

More Control Inputs

The new layout clearly separates the control inputs from the multifunction encoder inputs. The now 8 control inputs are exclusively available for control commands such as EDM functions, releasing latching, status feedback, etc.

Control Outputs

With up to 500 mA output current from the control outputs, the DS250/260 can transmit 24 V signals to a PLC or drive a loader / load relay directly.

Double Relay Output (2 normally opened)

A double relay output with force-actuated contacts and a switching capacity of 5 - 250 VAC / VDC, allows the simultaneous output of two different types of information. For example, the relay can be integrated into an emergency chain and at the same time give a status to the PLC via the second contact.

16 Presets

With 16 switching points per output, the new speed monitors offer extensive functions for various applications. The diverse preselection values can be selected via the control inputs.
Possible applications are the programming of 16 different material thicknesses for roll bands or the deposit of 16 different test specimens on test benches.

Signal Distributor

In contrast to the DS230 / 240 series, the signal format (HTL differential, HTL single ended, RS422) can be selected on the incremental output of the new generation of devices. The signal distributor also enables the function of a signal converter (RS422 input --> HTL output). In addition, the DS250 / 260 devices offer the passed through Z-track of the input.


The DS250 / 260 devices offer some new features, such as the detection of an uncovered initiator by the overlay function, the extension of the output function by adjustable ramp monitoring, the programmable power sense detection, as well as the cascading of several monitoring units.

TÜV Certificate

On 25.05.2018, the SIL Certificate of TÜV Nord of the Safety Speed Monitor was extended by the DS250 / DS260 devices.

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