Monitoring of force measurement applications using strain gauge sensors

With the function of direct evaluation, calculation and display of measured values ​​from load cells or pressure sensors, the DMS indicator DM350 covers a further area of ​​application for the touchMATRIX® indicators.

Compression, tension, bending and turning applications are common industrial processes. Concrete examples of this are hydraulic presses, rolling machines, bending machines, strength testing machines and level measurements.

In order to cover this wide range of applications, we have expanded our touchMATRIX® series with the DM350. The indicator works with DMS signals, which are recorded by force sensors. The values ​​can be displayed and processed directly in the display. Due to the possibility of connecting two sensors, differences and sums can be formed from the two measured values. As with all touchMATRIX® devices, familiar options such as an analog output, an IO-Link interface and relay outputs are also available and enable further application options and communication with other systems and devices.

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