Measuring amplifier for connecting two strain gauge full bridges

The special feature of the motrona DM222 signal converter is the dual inputs and outputs. This allows two separate values ​​to be measured and compared with each other. In addition, these also enable the detection of two measured values ​​and the subsequent mathematical combination (formation of sums, differences, multiplication and division). This makes our measuring amplifier unique.

Force sensors and pressure gauges pass on their measured values ​​to the downstream devices, usually in the millivolt range. These pressure sensors are used in many different areas of application:

  • level measurement
  • hydraulische presses
  • rolling machines
  • bending machines
  • strength testing machines

In the level measurement area, four load cells are mounted on the tank supports. The fill level of the tank can be determined via the pressure applied to the load.
For the external conversion of the millivolt values ​​into analog standard signals, so-called measuring amplifiers are used, such as our DM222 with dual inputs and outputs. The parallel measurement and comparison of two separate values ​​expands the field of application of the measuring amplifier. In addition, there are the possibilities of mathematical linking (formation of sums, differences, multiplication and division) of the values, which offer added value.

Technical features of the DM222 (2-channel) strain gauge measuring amplifier are:

  • 3 ... 10 VDC bridge voltage per sensor connection
  • 2 strain gauge inputs, 6-wire connection for measurement
  • 1 … 10 mV sensitivity

*with the DM221 we also offer a 1-channel version

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