In context of plants and mechanical engineering, the term retrofit implies the modernization of plants. At this, certain components are replaced by new ones. This offers the following advantages:

  • machine maintenance
  • increased machine efficiency
  • ecology of the machine
  • extend the lifetime
  • integration in modern manufacturing applications

An often arising problem is that new and old machines work with different input and output values. This is the retrofit field where the signal converters from motrona perfectly fit in. They can be used to convert almost all imaginable signals. This means that incompatible machines can be fitted to each other. Our product segment interface also includes various signal splitters. They allow the spread from one input signal into 8 output signals. Due to that, multiple end devices can be controlled with the same signal.
When does retrofit make sense?
Retrofit is particularly suitable for saving costs. Not only that retrofit is cheaper than buying a new machine. Costs for any personnel training or approval processes that may arise are also eliminated. Another advantage of retrofit is the saved time, which a smaller changeover can have compared to a new purchase.