Monitoring the number of visitors (Covid19 / Corona)

The current Covid 19 crisis has created a number of new problems that did not exist before. To keep the spread of the virus low and still make everyday life as normal as possible, it is necessary to monitor the number of people at events and public places / buildings.

This person registration is essential to keep the minimum distance, at concerts or in public facilities such as supermarkets or department stores. With the electronic counters from motrona, different types of accesses such as revolving doors, sliding doors and turnstiles can be monitored.

With the counters from motrona and freely selectable sensors, the flow of people can be precisely recorded at any number of entrances and exits. The various display settings create many options for monitoring the values. The large display can be set to show the total number of people. The size of the numbers can be recognized by the security personnel from a great distance.

The system is extremely portable as it only consists of a light barrier, the DX350 display and a power supply unit. This means that it can also be flexibly installed in a few minutes, for example on barriers.