Analog-IO-Link Converter

The advancing digitalization has an impact on every area of ​​life - from the smart home to Industry 4.0. It is therefore essential to convert certain sensor signals such as analog measured values ​​into signals that enable the entire production chain to be linked. For example, IO-Link signals are used here. In addition to the plug & play principle, these offer further advantages. This includes the possibility of condition monitoring, as well as location-independent monitoring and parameterization of the data.

Our IO-Link indicator AX350/IO is suitable to convert the analog signals into IO-Link signals. It is possible to connect two encoders through two analog inputs and pass their values ​​on to the higher-level controller via the IO-Link interface. The analog measured values ​​of the two inputs can be converted and transmitted independently of one another. Also the signals can first be linked by the indicator and then passed on to the controller. Mathematical functions such as the formation of sums, differences, factors and quotients are available for this.

In addition it is possible to show the analog measured values ​​as well as the transmitted data via the IO-Link interface on the display of the IO-Link indicator.