Indicator and measuring amplifier for strain gauges

New strain gauge indicator and strain gauge amplifier for the field of force measurement.

Strain gauges indicator DM350 for recording, processing and displaying measured values such as: 

  • Strain gauge measuring bridge
  • PT100
  • Thermocouple type J and K 

Technical data DM350

With the familiar quality of our three-color touchMATRIX® display, various display options are available. As with all touchMATRIX® devices, various additional options such as relay or analog output are optionally available.

Strain gauge measuring amplifier for direct conversion of measuring bridge signals into analog standard signals (0 ... 10 V or 0/4 ... 20 mA):

  • DM221 with one measuring channel
  • DM222 with two measuring channels

The DM222 allows data from two sensors to be collected, converted and output separately via two outputs. In addition, there is the option to mathematically link the values of the two inputs and to pass on these calculated values.

Technical data DM221, DM222

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