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Pressure cells or force sensors are used to monitor force measurement applications. These strain gauge sensors measure forces such as traction, compression, bend and torsion.

The sensors transmit their measured values to the force indicators in millivolt range. Strain gauge amplifiers are used to transfer the measured values externally into an analog signal. These signal converters transfer the signals, which can then be processed by an analog indicator. These measuring amplifiers are available as a 1-channel variant as the DM221 and as a 2-channel variant as the DM222.

For the direct display of the values measured by the load cells or pressure sensors, strain gauge indicators like the DM350 which can directly evaluate and display the strain gauge signals, are suitable.

Force measurement can be used for a wide range of applications. A typical application fi eld is the level measuring. Therefore load cells are installed at the four pillars of a tank. This allows the fill level of the tank to be determined depending on the weight on the load cells.

• level measuring
• hydraulic presses
• rolling machines
• bending machines
• strength testing machines

• 1 or 2 strain gauge inputs, 6 wire connection
• 2 analog outputs
• 4 control inputs and outputs
• serial interface RS485 and mini USB interface


• strain gauge input
• freely programmable limit values
• 2 limit value relays
• analog output


A basic requirement for Industry 4.0 is a uniform communication system for all participants. Profinet is one such standardized communication system, for example.

The new motrona PN350 display enables the fieldbus connection for our touchMATRIX® display series. Process data are recorded, calculated, evaluated, displayed and passed on via this bus interface.

A specific application can be found in the field of high-bay warehouse systems. Here, the stocks of various materials and components can be centrally collected via sensors or ERP systems. To display the current stock levels to the users on site, the centrally stored values can be passed on via Profinet to our on-site indicator.

The touchMATRIX® MX350 is the unique dual-mode display that can be used as a frequency display and counter at the same time. This means, that the device can simultaneously measure and display two variables, such as speed and length, for example.

This creates a wide range of possible uses:

One possible area of ​​application is in the field of ​​conveyor belts (bottle filling systems). The belt speed of the respective application can be measured and the number of products transported can be determined at the same time. The MX350 is able to switch off the respective process if the speed exceeds or falls below a defined range.
Another application field is the winding and unwinding of a wide variety of materials, such as paper, sheet metal, cables, carpets, etc. The multifunction display can show the speed of the material as well as the length that has already been wound onto the roll. The dual-mode counter can be programmed to emit a signal just before the spindle needs to be changed.
Another scenario can be found in the branch of ​​machines that work with endless material, such as extrusion or bar material. The speed of the material can also be displayed here. By setting certain switching points, the bar material is cut off at a specified length. The MX350 sends the signal to the saw and can simultaneously count and display the total number of pieces.

These are only three possible applications for the touchMATRIX® dual-mode counter. You are sure to have applications that our touchMATRIX® MX350 can help with. Feel free to contact us.

With the novelties from our interface range, we have achieved a very special coup. We can achieve up to eight conversion scenarios with only two signal converters through adjustable inputs. Both product families (analog and parallel series) are therefore suitable for a wide range of applications and offer you flexibility and simplicity. The possible input / output combinations are as follows:


Analog Converter

FU210: Frequency input to analog output

ZU210: Pulse input to analog output

IV210: SSI input to analog output

PV210: Start/stop input  to analog output

Parallel Converter

FP210: Frequency input to parallel output

ZP210: Pulse input to parallel output

IP210: SSI input to parallel output

PP210: Start-/stop input to parallel output

Bicycle helmet, seat belt or speed monitor from the DS series, what do all these things have in common? They are safe!
This is why you will find our speed monitors in branches where the highest level of safety is required - such as centrifuges, wind turbines, test systems or as wind warning devices in combination with an anemometer.
Our speed monitors achieve a safety value of SIL3 / PLe. Various adjustable safety functions, 8 control and 2 relay outputs ensure that our safety relays can be used universally in compliance with the highest safety standards.