Wind warning devices

In addition to the classic measurement and display tasks, our process indicators can also be used with an anemometer. The term anemometer is made up of the Greek words anemos = wind and métron = measure.
With the RL option, the touchMATRIX® series is equipped with two relay outputs and can work as a wind warning device. The anemometers are used in the following areas:

  • cranes
  • windmills
  • funiculars
  • traffic meteorology
  • building technology
  • overburden and open-cast excavators
  • amusement parks
  • floodgates

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With our process and frequency indicators, four different options for wind monitoring are conceivable:


With the help of an AX350/AO/RL or DX350/AO/RL, simple monitoring of the wind speed is possible. The AX350 can be connected to an anemometer with an analog output. The DX350 is required to work with an anemometer with frequency output.


Safe operation of the wind speed can be guaranteed by the parallel operation of two AX350/AO/RL or two DX350/AO/RL. In the event of problems such as a cable break, the second signal path remains and continues to reliably monitor the wind speed.

An AX350/AO/RL and a DX350/AO/RL can be combined to ensure even greater security of the monitoring. With the help of an analog anemometer (connected to the AX350) and a digital anemometer (connected to the DX350), a diversity of measurement methods is achieved. This further minimizes the possibility of errors enormously.

Our speed monitors enable safe monitoring in accordance with SIL3/PLe. These safety relays have 2 synchronous relays and 4x2 control outputs. Various input variables can also be implemented for the DS series. The speed monitors can work with both digital and SinCos signals.