A basic requirement for Industry 4.0 is a uniform communication system for all participants. Profinet is one such standardized communication system, for example.

The new motrona PN350 display enables the fieldbus connection for our touchMATRIX® display series. Process data are recorded, calculated, evaluated, displayed and passed on via this bus interface.

A specific application can be found in the field of high-bay warehouse systems. Here, the stocks of various materials and components can be centrally collected via sensors or ERP systems. To display the current stock levels to the users on site, the centrally stored values can be passed on via Profinet to our on-site indicator. The indicator can then detect the quantity removed via sensors and forward it to the central controller so that the stocks are always correct.

The display has multichannel inputs to transfer digital and analog measured values such as speed, number of pieces, length and position to the fieldbus world. This results in communication and connection options of the process level with the field and control level to a large number of other systems and devices with the common Ethernet protocols (Profinet, EtherCat, Ethernet IP, Modbus IP, ...). A prior logical linking of the signals and subsequent transmission to the central control unit or cloud is also possible. The data can also be transferred to higher levels such as SCADA, MES and ERP via OPCUA. This enables an increase in efficiency through processes such as condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. Our innovative, three-color touchMATRIX® display offers various display options.