Crane systems

Whether gantry crane, overhead crane or tower crane, our speed monitors are able to monitor every crane model. A wide variety of input signals such as SinCos and incremental signals can be processed. It is also possible to achieve a SIL3 / PLe standard with several encoders, or only with one certified encoder.


The safety relays can take on a variety of monitoring tasks. However, the most important in the area of crane monitoring are the monitoring of the winding and unwinding speed and the safe monitoring of the standstill of the hoist rope. Especially with tower cranes, when it comes to great heights, it is also necessary to monitor the wind speed. As a result, our speed monitors guarantee the highest level of safety for the crane and the personnel, in order to avoid property damage and personal injury. The speed monitors of our DS series are used in new cranes as well as in the retrofit area to modernize older models.

All safety relays have two synchronous relay outputs, up to four two-channel control inputs and outputs and a safe analog output. The safety devices can process a high input frequency up to 500 kHz.

In addition, you will be supported by our engineers during the commissioning and parameterization of the device, which means that you do not have to spend time familiarizing yourself with the device.

We are convinced that we can also make your crane safer. Please fell free to contact us.