Combi indicators

Standard indicators enable the displaying of measured values. However, if different values need to be displayed, either the display has to be switched or a second indicator has to be installed. The combination indicators solve this problem. These indicators are able to measure two values and display them in parallel.

The MX350 displays a speed in combination with pieces or length. Which is suitable for example for the following applications:

  •         Continuous material (e.g. extruder)
  •         Cutting & winding applications
  •         Conveyor belts

    The IX350 is the complementary product to the MX350. With this indicator you have the possibility to monitor and display a speed and the absolute position at the same time. As the position is measured by SSI sensors, the position is correct even after the system is restarted and no reference drive is required. This enables use in numerous applications:

    •     Lifting & working platforms
    •     Car and mobile cranes
    •     Locks