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New: Connection of the universal motion controller MC800 via fieldbus interfaces

In addition to the flexible input configuration, the adaptive interface architecture and the cascaded tandem drive controller, the MC800 now also offers intelligent networking to higher-level control (e.g. PLC) or operator terminal (HMI) via...

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touchMATRIX – different models with various functions for diverse applications

The standard 186 x 64 pixel graphic display allows the variable presentation of plain text, symbols and units. By default, 28 standard units are defined, additionally customer-specific units are also freely editable. Color variants in red, green and...

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DS250 / DS260 - the new generation of certified Safety Motion Monitors for Incremental Encoder / Sensors

If the certified monitors for speed, standstill and direction of rotation of the DS series have already convinced by simple parameterization and the flexible connection of different sensor technologies, the new DS250 / DS260 generation offers even...

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Process display with analog inputs completes the touchMATRIX family

Following the introduced DX350 graphic displays and IX350 SSI devices, the touchMATRIX trio is completed by the AX350 process display with its analog inputs.

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New fieldbus modules for the motrona Motion Controller MC800

The proven functions and interfaces of the universal Motion Controller MC800 have been extended by additional communication interfaces.

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New SSI displays complete the touchMATRIX series

After the successful launch of the touchMATRIX graphic displays at the beginning of the year, now we are extending the device series by the SSI model.

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touchMATRIX indicators offer all variants from the all-rounder to the "high-end" device

The Frequency Counter, Tachometer, Counter, Speed and Position Indicator of the touchMATRIX series have been launched successfully!

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New features of MC800 firmware allow extended range of applications

The upgrade of the CT803 firmware for the "Rotary Material Processing" and the new FS801 firmware for the "Flying Material Processing" offer further application options.

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New MC800 firmware download

As of now the MC800 firmware is also downloadable again and no longer stored fixedly in the device.

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