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Controller for Flying Operation (Flying Saws, Shears, Punchers etc.)

* = instant stock availibility

Flying Saw Application


    Motion-Controller MC700* with Firmware FS701* for
    Flying Saws, Flying Shears, Machining “on the fly”

  • MC700 is a universal motion controller for 1 to 4 axis, programmable for multiple motion applications by simple download of the corresponding function firmware.
  • With use of  firmwares FS701 or CT702 (see SUPPORT) this unit provides excellent solutions with all kinds of flying cut-to-length systems as well as with applications like labeling, printing, punching, sealing etc.
  • Functions and properties are very similar to the FS340 controller described below.
  • The range of functions includes extended possibilities with evaluation and blanking of print marks, floating print mark registers and more
  • The MC700 hardware is a black-box unit for cabinet mounting.
    Remote control and communication facilities via external operator terminal, serial PC communication, CANBUS,  PROFIBUS etc. (see also Accessories)

Motion Controller for Flying Shears and Saws


    FS340 * /FS641: Compact and Low Priced Motion Controller
    for Machining “On The Fly” like Flying Shears, Saws, Punchers, Cutters etc.

  • New stand-alone precision controller for the specific motion profile of Flying Shears and Saws
  • Also most suitable for smaller machines with limited budget, due to a very competitive price
  • Self-optimizing polynomial speed profile to ensure extremely smooth motion and gentle tool treatment for best service life
  • High accuracy and repeatability, even with high line speeds, due to a 300 kHz frequency range of the incremental encoder inputs
  • Continuous closed-loop position control with only 250 µsec of cycle time, therefore outstanding dynamic features and high cutting precision even during changes of the line speed
  • Suitable for operation with all electric or hydraulic 4-quadrant drives providing a +/- 10V  speed input
  • Instantly ready for use, with easy setup and commissioning via Windows PC software (freeware), resulting in successful machine operation within shortest time
  • The controller can be operated by means of control keys or thumbwheel switches on the front side, as well as by remote operation terminals or by serial link
  • Direct PROFIBUS access is possible with use of gateway model PB251
    (see Accessories)
  • Compact DIN housing for front panel mounting
  • Optional assembly to DIN rails with use of the mounting supports SM300/ SM600 (see Accessories)
Flying Shear Controller FS340 Flying Shear Controller FS641





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