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Panel Meters, Indicators

Electronic Counters

Tachometers, Frequency Meters

Timers, Industrial Stopwatches

SSI Indicators, Parallel Displays


Speed and Motion Monitors


Synchronization of Drives

“Flying” Saw and Shear Control

Rotating Cross Cutter Control

Rotary Eccentric Shear Control

Tubular Bag Machine Control

Winding and Traverse Control

Printing and Punching Control


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Level Converters TTL-RS422-HTL

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Combinations with Converters


Electronic Counters, Differential Counters and Position Indicators   

* = instant stock availability

    ZX 020*: Small-Size Panel Counter

  • Low-cost position or event counter with dimensions 48 x 24 mm (1.89 x 0.945’’)
    and 8 mm LED size (0.315’’)
  • Power supply 10 – 30 VDC
  • Impulse inputs A, B and Set / Reset input
  • Counting frequency 15 - 60 kHz, depending on counting mode
  • Programmable counting functions: (count A with B as up/dn select, sum A+B or difference A-B, quadrature count A/B, 2x90º)
  • Programmable edge count (x1, x2, x4), adjustable proportional and reciprocal factors 0.0001 – 99.9999
  • Power-down memory (10 years of data retention)
  • Easy to set up by two front keys and menu support
  • Add-on frame for 50x25 mm panel cutout

Electronic Counter


    ZX 122, ZX123*: Preset Counters with Relay Outputs

  • Multi-purpose counter with dimensions 48x48 mm (1.89 x 1.89’’)
    and operation modes as counter, tachometer or timer / stopwatch
  • Two presets and two output relays
  • ZX 122: 10 – 30 VDC power supply, 
    ZX 123: 90 – 250 VAC and aux. output 24 VDC for encoder supply,
    otherwise both models are similar
  • Max. counting frequency 20 kHz respectively. 10 kHz
  • Bright LED display, 6 decades at 8 mm size (0.315’’)
  • Programmable impulse scaling factor
  • Easy to set up by four front keys and menu support
  • Add-on frame for 50x50 mm panel cutout (1.969 x 1.969’’)

Electronic Preset Counter


    High-Speed Counters and Position Indicators with various Outputs and Interfaces

    DX 342*: Electronic Counter (2 relays, serial RS232/485 interface)
    DX 345*: Electronic Counter (display only)
    DX 346*: Electronic Counter (analogue output)
    DX 347*: Electronic Counter (2 presets / transistor outputs)
    DX 348*: Electronic Counter (serial RS232 / RS485 interface)

  • Universal multi-function counters with multiple operation modes as quadrature counter, event counter, display of  RPM, speed, cycle rate, baking and processing time and timer/stopwatch functions.
  • Counting frequency 100 kHz (A/B quadrature count)
  • Dimensions 96 x 48 mm (3.780 x 1.890’’) and 6 decade LED display at
    15 mm (0.590’’) size
  • Universal inputs for sensors and encoders with PNP/ NPN or Namur characteristics (HTL level 10 - 30 V)
  • Easy scaling and setup by means of 3  front keys and menu support
  • Selectable linearization function with 16 interpolation points
  • Power supply 115/230 VAC or 24 VDC (model DX342: 24 VDC only)

Position Indicators and Counters


    Brand New:  touchMATRIX the fastest and most flexible Counter with Dot Matrix Display

    DX 350*: Electronic Counter (with HTL inputs (A, B), 3 control inputs)
    DX 355*: Electronic Counter (with HTL, RS422/TTL input, 3 control inputs)
    CO 350*: (4 control outputs, serial RS232 interface)
    AO 350*: (16 bit analog output, 4 control outputs, serial RS232 interface )
    AC 350*: (Power supply 115 … 230 VAC)
    RL 350*: (2 relay outputs)
    all options can be combined

  • Multifunctional unit with several operating modes, e. g. position indicator, process meter, counter, sum and differential counter
  • HTL inputs for encoders / sensors with NPN / PNP / NAMUR characteristic
  • Counting frequency up to 1MHz (A/B quadrature count)
  • Bright and high-contrast display with event-dependent color variations
  • Emulation of a 7-segment display inclusively icons and units
  • Intuitive and easy parameterization by plain text and touchscreen
  • Numerous features, e. g. scaling, filtering, start-up suppression, totalization
  • Selectable linearization function with 24 interpolation points
  • 24 V auxiliary output for encoder supply
  • Power supply 115/230 VAC or 24 VDC
  • 3.78 x 1.89 inch norm panel housing and IP65 protection

touchMATRIX the fastest and most flexible Counter with Dot Matrix Display red

touchMATRIX the fastest and most flexible Counter with Dot Matrix Display green


    Dual Counters / Differential Counters with 6 or 8 Decades (1 MHz)

    ZD 330  : Dual Electronic Counter (8 decades)
    ZD 340*: Dual Electronic Counter (6 decades)
    ZA 330  : Dual Electronic Counter (8 decades, analogue output)
    ZA 340*: Dual Electronic Counter (6 decades, analogue output)

  • Counter series with two separate encoder inputs, each A, /A, B, /B, with individual impulse scaling  (1 MHz each input channel)
  • Operating modes as Single Counter, Dual Counter (independent), Differential counter {encoder1 - encoder2} or Summing Counter {encoder1 + encoder2}  of  two encoder positions, and many other useful counting functions
  • Universal inputs TTL / HTL for any kind of impulse sources like single-channel
    (A only), quadrature (A/B) or differential (RS422 A, /A, B, /B)
  • All models provide 4 presets with 4 fast-switching optocoupler outputs
    (1 msec) and RS232 serial interface (RS485 optional)

Differential counter, block diagram

Differential Counter 8 decades
High speed differential counter


    Dual Counters / Differential Counters with Relays and Thumbwheel Switches

    ZD 630-634: Dual Electronic Counters (8 decades)
    ZD 640-644: Dual Electronic Counters (6 decades)
    ZA 630-634: Dual Electronic Counters (8 decades, analogue output)
    ZA 640-644: Dual Electronic Counters (6 decades, analogue output)

  • The counters shown here provide exactly the same technical properties and functions as series ZD/ZA 330 etc. shown above
  • Moreover, models  ZA 630 to ZD 644 are  additionally equipped with 4 output relays (one dry changeover contact each)
  • According to need, these models are also available with up to four front thumbwheel switch sets (preselection switches)
  • Front dimensions 96 x 96 mm (3.78 x 3.78 ‘’)
  • All available models and possible combinations are clearly described in the
    PDF operating instructions

Electronic counter with thumbwheel switches





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